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Magnetron [PAN.2M236-M1/SAM.OM75P(31)ESGN]

Panasonic microwave
(Code: 2309D)
Equivalent to Panasonic 2M236-M1
Equivalent to Samsung OM75P(31)ERH OM75P OM75P(31) OM75P(31)ESGN
Samsung CM1039 CM-1039 CM-1069 CM1069 CM-1079 CM1079 CM-1099 CM1099 Snackmaster
Panasonic NN-A883WB NNA883WB NNA883 NN-A880WB NNA880 NNA880WB NN-A873SB NNA873 NNA873SB NN-A872SB NNA872 NNA872SB NN-A850CB NNA850 NNA850CB NN-A823MB NNA823 NNA823MB NN-A813AB NNA813 NNA813AB NN-A811AB NNA811 NNA811AB 

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1000 watt magnetron

Equivalent to the following Samsung magnetrons:
OM75P (31) ERH,
OM75P (31) ESGN
Equivalent to the following Panasonic magnetron:


Air vent width=95mm
Total height=135mm
No mounting bolts
Maximum output=1000 watts

Suitable for some Panasonic inverter microwave ovens, and Samsung Snackmaster commercial microwave ovens
  1. Panasonic models:
    NN-A883WB (NNA883WB)
    NN-A880WB (NNA880WB)
    NN-A873SB (NNA873SB)
    NN-A872SB (NNA872SB) 
    NN-A850CB (NNA850CB)
    NN-A823MB (NNA823MB)
    NN-A813AB (NNA813AB)
    NN-A811AB. (NNA811AB)
    Samsung models: 
    CE-1031 (CE1031), 
    CE-1039 (CE1039), 
    CE-1069 (CE1069),
    CM-1069 (CM1069),
    CM-1079 (CM1079).