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Sharp Microwave Turntable Motor 240V

(Code: ASW.7198951)
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Turntable motor for Sharp microwave ovens.

The microwave turntable motor is a synchronous motor so the turntable can turn is either direction. The microwave turntable motor uses a built in gearbox to drive the turntable tray via the microwave turntable coupling.

Voltage = 240 V AC 
Frequency = 50-60 Hz
Rotation speed = 2-3 RPM
Power consumption = 2.5-3 W
Connections = 4.6 mm terminals
Drive shaft length = 7 mm
Drive shaft diameter = 7 mm with a "+" shaped section.

Part number RMOTDA253WRZZ, RMOTDA253WRZ1 and ASW.7198951
This turntable motor is equivalent to the following Sharp types: RMOTDA227WRE0, RMOTDA165WRE0, RMOTDA239WRE0, RMOTDA265WRZ1.

  1. R-252BLM, R-252BM, R-250ABM, R-250ACRM, R-246WM, R-246SLM, R-246GM, R-211BM, R-210AM, R-209WM, R-209SLM, R-206M, R-206WM, R-206SLM, R-206GM, R-205M, R-202M, R-201M, R-64STM, R-26STM, R-255STM, R-207SLM, R-207WM, R-27STM, R-254WM, R-211WM, R-743WM, R-743GM, R-657SLM, R-654WM, R-654SLM, R-653WM, R-653GM, R-653BM, R-652WM, R-652GM, R-652BLM, R-244WM, R-244SLM, R-244GM, R-650AWM, R-650ABM, R-641WM, R-641GM, R-555SLM, R-465SLM, R-464SLM, R-297STM, R-269WM, R-254SLM, R-252WM, R-252GM, R-244BM, R-242WM, R-242GM, R-242BLM, R-232SLM, R-230WM, R-230SLM, R-230GM, R-230BLM, R-250ACRM, R-249WM, R-249SLM, R-230BM, R-230AM, R-216WM, R-212WM, R-212GM, R-212BLM,  R-212BM, R-212GM, R-211BLM, R-249WM, R-249SLM