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240 volt Sharp turntable motor [ASW.RMOTDA253WRZ1]

(Code: 2463)
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Turntable motor for Sharp microwave ovens.

Voltage = 240 V AC
Frequency = 50-60 Hz
Rotation speed = 2-3 RPM
Power consumption = 2.5-3 W
Connections = 4.6 mm terminals
Drive shaft length = 7 mm
Drive shaft diameter = 7 mm with a "+" shaped section.

Part number RMOTDA253WRZ1
This turntable motor is equivalent to the following Sharp types: RMOTDA227WRE0, RMOTDA165WRE0, RMOTDA239WRE0, RMOTDA265WRZ1.

Suitable for Sharp models : R-252BLM, R-252BM, R-250ABM, R-250ACRM, R-246WM, R-246SLM, R-246GM, R-211BM, R-210AM, R-209WM, R-209SLM, R-206M, R-206WM, R-206SLM, R-206GM, R-205M, R-202M, R-201M, R-64STM, R-26STM, R-255STM, R-207SLM, R-207WM, R-27STM, R-254WM, R-211WM, R-743WM, R-743GM, R-657SLM, R-654WM, R-654SLM, R-653WM, R-653GM, R-653BM, R-652WM, R-652GM, R-652BLM, R-244WM, R-244SLM, R-244GM, R-650AWM, R-650ABM, R-641WM, R-641GM, R-555SLM, R-465SLM, R-464SLM, R-297STM, R-269WM, R-254SLM, R-252WM, R-252GM, R-244BM, R-242WM, R-242GM, R-242BLM, R-232SLM, R-230WM, R-230SLM, R-230GM, R-230BLM, R-250ACRM, R-249WM, R-249SLM, R-230BM, R-230AM, R-216WM, R-212WM, R-212GM, R-212BLM,  R-212BM, R-212GM, R-211BLM, R-249WM, R-249SLM

R252BLM, R252BM, R250ABM, R250ACRM, R246WM, R246SLM, R246GM, R211BM, R210AM, R209WM, R209SLM, R206M, R206WM, R206SLM, R206GM, R205M, R202M, R201M, R64STM, R26STM, R255STM, R207SLM, R207WM, R27STM, R254WM, R211WM, R743WM, R743GM, R657SLM, R654WM, R654SLM, R653WM, R653GM, R653BM, R652WM, R652GM, R652BLM, R244WM, R244SLM, R244GM, R650AWM, R650ABM, R641WM, R641GM, R555SLM, R465SLM, R464SLM, R297STM, R269WM, R254SLM, R252WM, R252GM, R244BM, R242WM, R242GM, R242BLM, R232SLM, R230WM, R230SLM, R230GM, R230BLM, R250ACRM, R249WM, R249SLM, R230BM, R230AM, R216WM, R212WM, R212GM, R212BLM,  R212BM, R212GM, R211BLM, R249WM, R249SLM