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Ratings and Reviews for  Sharp R-98STM Turntable Support

Product Rating
1 / 5
Square hole was too big on the item. the staff offered to check the model number to what I needed :).
David K. 8/21/2020 at 12h40
The hole isnt too big. You ordered a part for a particular range of microwaves and when quizzed, quoted a model that is not on the fitment list at all. If I expected it to fit your microwave I would have included your model in the list. Each manufacturers product listed also has each model that it fits listed quite clearly in the description. A simple enquiry with your model number before ordering would have been more helpful. We could have confirmed that it was not suitable for your oven rather than ordering it and then having to send it back and then finishing off by publishing a bad review because it then didnt fit your microwave.
kitchenwareonline.com 8/21/2020 at 13h07