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Our website uses "cookies", but these are only used for tracking your order through the website to our checkout, and some other functions on the website such as:

1) Google Analytics
Google Analytics is used purely to track your progress through our website to help us determine how well it is working, and how we can improve it for you. It does not use any personal or financial information. You remain totally anonymous as far as our analytics are concerned.

2) Facebook "like" buttons
The Facebook cookies will contain some personal information, required for the functioning of the Facebook social website. However these cookies are only created if you click on the facebook like button.

How our cookies are not used
We do not retain "cookies" or use them in any way for marketing purposes after you have completed and paid for your order.
Our website does not use any "tracking cookies" for advertising purposes.

Remember me
Our shopping cart cookies will be saved to your computer to store delivery addresses, if the address book is used and to store your details if you select the 'Remember Me' Option. 
Unless you use the "remember me" setting in the checkout the cookies from our website will be erased when you have paid for your purchases.

No personal data
Our shopping cart cookies do not contain any personal data unless you agree to accepting them, they just assign you a random ID number to track your purchase(s) through the website.

Our website needs cookies for you to make a purchase.
One important point to note is that if you have set your web browser's security settings to block all cookies our website will not function correctly, and you will be unable to place an order online.

For more information on cookies and the law see www.allaboutcookies.org

Cookies used by Google Analytics
We use Google Analytics to help us improve the performance of our website, and to try and make it as easy as possible for you to use. It also helps us to make our website and our products easier to find when you search in Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

1) UTMA This cookie tracks the number of times you have visited our website. It does not record any personal information about you. It is a "Persistent" cookie which means it is stored on your computer for up to two years.

2) UTMB This cookie records the time when you entered our website, and is deleted from your computer after 30 minutes.

3) UTMC This cookie records the time when you leave our website, and is deleted when you leave the website.

4) UTMZ This cookie records which search engine you used to find us, and what words you used when searching. this is a "Persistent "cookie and is deleted from your computer after 6 months.

Cookies used by Facebook.
The Facebook "Like" button on our website uses cookies if you have a Facebook account.

1) DATR This cookie is used by Facebook to detect the web browser you are using, to allow Facebook to give you the best security and user options for their website.

2) LU This cookie records whether you have set the "Keep me logged in" option to "Yes". 

3) C_USER This cooke records your Facebook user ID.

4) XS This cookie records your Facebook session number.

These cookies are only used by, and generated by Facebook if you have an active Facebook account and click on the Facebook "like" button. Our website does not make any use of them.

Privacy policy and E-Mail
The Microwave Service Company Ltd. does not sell, or pass on buyers information to third parties.

Your address and personal details are treated as confidential information, and are not disclosed or "sold on" to third parties.

After you have completed your order, you will receive a confirmation email, and an email informing you when your order has been dispatched. 
You will receive an additional email asking you if you want to give us feedback on the website, and the handling of your order.

You may receive occasional e-mails, but no more than three per year regarding specific updates or additions to our website.

Security on our website.
We understand that our customers are naturally very concerned about debit and credit card fraud.

We would like to reassure you that we take the issue of credit card fraud and security very seriously.
Our website does not handle or process any card details, they are all handled by reputable and well established companies (Pay Pal and Sage Pay) who specialise in on-line card transactions. 
No credit card details are taken or recorded by our website, and our staff do not have access to any of your card details at any time.

To make your payment you will be transferred either the PayPal or the Sage Pay website,these are both fully secure SSL site, and you will see the padlock symbol for a secure website as soon as you reach it. All your details are encrypted during the transaction to maximise security.
Security at the Sage Pay website
When making payment via Sage Pay or Pay Pal for an order you will be automatically transferred to their website, where they will carry out a fully secure transaction on our behalf.

We do not deal with any card details during the payment process which minimises further the chance of fraud.

Once Sage Pay or Pay Pal have completed the transaction they will inform both yourself, and us and they will then transfer you back to our site to complete the purchase. Should you have any concerns we are able to access our Sage Pay and Pay Pal account for administration such as refunds etc.