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A better way of finding spares for your appliance

We are just going through a re development on the site which will result in a faster, easier to navigate shop. We have, since we created www.kitchenwareonline.com listed all of the model numbers, but have effectively created a category for each model showing all of the items available for that model. In doing so we have created a huge site with lots of duplicate items to cater for the number of models that share particular items. We are now going through and removing these duplicates and instead, listing all the models that a particular part fits in its description. As work progresses we will encourage visitors looking for parts for a particular model to enter the model number of your appliance in the search box at the top of the page (every page). This will result in all products that are suitable for that model will be displayed. 

Shoppers can also browse by category such as microwave cookware or waveguide covers for example or you can search by brand such as Sharp. So far during testing we have found everything we have been looking for that we know is on there. We have hugely reduced the number of clicks required to get you to the part you need.

We hope that this work will be completed in the next 3 weeks but wont affect anything on the site currently.

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