Introducing the Kitchenware Online Shop
As part of the Microwave Service Company, we have been operating the website to offer spare parts and accessories for a range of microwave ovens and other kitchen appliances for almost 10 years.
As part of ongoing mission to improve and grow we are always looking at ways to improve the website. You might appreciate that to list a product we have to get it in stock to photograph and then add all the specifications either from our distributor or from scratch.
When considering what to start adding next we were in close contact with one of our spares suppliers who suggested rather than extract the information from them and add it to our site why not just link to their site and let our customers use their information. This has many advantages:
  • We don’t need to laboriously add new information for each product
  • We no longer need to worry about keeping that information up to date, it is continuously updated by our supplier.
  • We don’t need to update pricing constantly. The prices are updated live by the supplier.
  • We don’t need to hold stock. The supplier will send directly to our customers.
This seems like the ideal solution for us just to maintain the association between customers and the parts they need to complete repairs. Our main job now is pro-actively find new customers who need spare parts at the right price and get the correct spares to them in good time. will remain our main website and we will continue to specialise in microwave and bread maker spares on there but will use to help new and old customers to find the spares they need for other appliances both in the kitchen and throughout the home. In current times where everyone wants to save money, save time and save energy we will continue to get the Right part, Right price, Right now.