Is your fridge freezer not working?

There are four main causes of your fridge freezer stopping working! For the following fixes, you will need the fridge freezer manual to see where in your fridge freezer the elements will be placed.

  • The thermostat can be faulty, use a multimeter to see if the thermostat is in fact faulty, you can purchase a thermostat from, you will need the make and model of your fridge freezer
  • The door seal to check for a fault, place a piece of paper between the door frame and gasket, remove the paper (door still shut) if the paper comes out easily the seal is faulty, got to to find a replacement
  • The PCB can be faulty (make sure the power is off) the PCB is usually on the top fascia panel, you will need to remove this and look for signs of damage, this will tell you if the PCB is damaged to replace your PCB go to
  • The Evaporator, this can be blocked with ice, if this is the case there will often be a problem with the heater, sensor or fuse, you can find all these items at, you can check if the evaporator is blocked by seeing if the compressor is running correctly, remove the evaporator cover and see if there is a lot of ice