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Low power microwaves


Discover our range of low wattage microwave for caravan and campers

Van microwaves and caravan microwaves for sale

We offer a wide selection of ow power Microwave ovens suitable for use with generators, inverters or on caravan sites.
You will find in this category low wattage microwave for trucks, lorries, caravans and camper vans or low wattage 500 watt microwave.

How to chose the correct low power microwave? 

Choosing the right low power microwave for a specific use is not always easy. 
There are some considerations to make sure the microwave you will pick is suitable for your caravan, for instance.
You will find low power microwaves starting from 320 watt in order to make sure it will be fit for purpose. 
This type of microwave oven is perfect for any use on campsite, in caravans or in camper vans because the low power ensures that the electricity supply will not be tripping while in use. 
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