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Clearing "filt" messages from Samsung commercial microwave oven displays.

Filter reset instructions for Samsung and Buffalo commercial microwave ovens.

When "Filt” shows in the display it does not indicate a fault. It is just a preprogrammed reminder to clean the air filter located underneath the oven door.
The filter should be removed and cleaned in warm soapy water or in a dishwasher, dried and then refitted.
The oven needs to be ‘told’ that the filter has been cleaned and the reminder reset using the following procedure.
Press and hold the programme lock button (the small circle below the P key) and pad number 3 together.
After 2-3 seconds the number of hours for the timed reminder is displayed.
Enter the number of hours you want before the next reminder.
Press and hold the program lock and pad number three together again until the oven bleeps once.
Press the cancel button to clear the hours message from the display.
Created On  22 Jun 2021 11:20 in Technical and repair articles  -  Permalink


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