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Glass turntable tray 255mm dia [DAE.MWO.3517203600]

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Glass turntable tray 255mm dia [DAE.MWO.3517203600]

Glass turntable tray for Daewoo microwave ovens.

Part number 3517203600

Diameter 255 mm. 

Suitable for: 
Daewoo KOR638RBK, KOR638RSL, KOR2605, 

KOR3000, KOR6105, KOR6115, KOR6206, KOR6307, KOR6327, KORDB9S, KOR63F7, KOR63F70S, KOR63F79S, KOR63F7SL, KOR63F8, KOR63F8SL, KOR63FB0S, KOR63FB9S, KOR63MC, KOR63S7, KOR63XS, KOR610P, KOR616T, KOR616TM, KOR6334R, KOR6347, KOR6375, KOR616TN, KOR620S, KOR630A, KOR630ABL, KOR630ASL, KOR630S, KOR633V, KOR636T, KOG37FP, M4000, GM66, KOR37F7, KOR360S, KOR366T, KOG370A, KOG370S, KOG547R, KOG3667, KOR6115, KOR61AP, KO61AS, KOR61APGR, KOR61A525, KOR61ASWH, KOR63AS, KOR6307, KOR63D79S, KOR63DB, KOR63DB0S