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Genuine parts or genuine quality

Genuine parts or genuine quality
As well as our own website at www.kitchenwareonline.com we sell spare parts on amazon and our ebay shop.

We know that manufacturers genuine parts are made by or made under licence for the manufacturer and as such demand a higher price than copies made and distributed by any number of factories who have the ability to copy products. Products are invariably made similar but not to the manufacturers own specifications. Sometimes these work ok and last a long time – sometimes they don’t. The main thing is that the price should reflect that difference in quality and you would expect these ‘pattern’ parts to be considerably cheaper than genuine ‘ branded’ parts.

We know that as sellers of manufacturers genuine parts we get more sales if we advertise the fact that they are ‘Manufacturers genuine parts’ However, there are a lot of ‘businesses’ particularly on ebay and amazon who have huge numbers of listings and just buy and sell large quantities of cheap copies of almost anything. We have noticed more recently on these platforms that the sellers are listing these parts as ‘Genuine Quality’. Obviously a bit cheeky as if they are pattern parts they are not genuine quality and they are not genuine. A customer glancing thorough the listings would see the word genuine and think exactly that they are genuine.

Be careful only in that we don’t mind paying a little extra for branded parts but don’t get duped into paying branded prices for a pattern part.
We deal with several manufacturers and many spares distributors and do find that the manufacturers name isn’t always on the part or the packaging. For instance we by many genuine spares from Panasonic and the packaging rarely mentions Panasonic and often just says made in China or Vietnam. However, we know or trust that Panasonic spares are from Panasonic and will be made to their specification wherever in the world they choose to have them made. 

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