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Glass turntable tray (245mm dia) for Panasonic microwave ovens

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Glass turntable tray for Panasonic microwave ovens.

Part number 252100500496  or Z06015G10XN or F06016D0XN or Z06016D00XN

The function of the microwave dish is to hold and rotate the food during cooking to ensure that the food is being heated evenly throughout. The microwave tray or microwave plate is usually made of toughened glass. not designed to be used in a conventional oven unless by design. The microwave turntable sits on a microwave roller ring and is driven by the turntable coupling.

Diameter 245 mm.

  1. NN-K153B, NNK153B, NN-K152WB, NNK152WB, NN-K123MB, NNK123MB, NN-K103WB, NNK103B, NN-K102WB, NNK102B, NN-E289M, NNE289M,  NN-E299SM, NNE299SM, NN-E299BM, NNE299BM, NN-K153B, NNK153B, NN-SD258M, NNSD258M, NN-SD259WB, NNSD259WB, NN-SD269MB, NNSD269MB, NN-SD278S, NNSD278S, NN-SD277S, NNSD277S, NN-SD279S, NNSD279S, NN-SD268M, NNSD268M, 

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