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Glass turntable tray (318mm) for Samsung microwave ovens

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(Code: SAM.DE74-20015G)

Glass turntable tray for Samsung microwave ovens.

Part number DE74-20015G

Dimensions: diameter 318 mm



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Glass turntable tray for Samsung microwave ovens.

Part number DE74-20015G or DE74-20015B

Dimensions: diameter 317 mm
Suitable for:
A2128, AMC5101, AMC5108, AMV1154, AMV5164, BCE1196, BCE1197, BMHC815, C100, C101, C103, C104, C105, C106, C107, C108, C109, C1005, CE100, CE1031, CE1050, CE106, CE107, CE1070, CE1071, CE109, CE1100, CE1110, CE1135, CE1040, CE1141, CE1151, CE1160, CE117, CE1185, CE1190, CE1191, CE1193, CE1196, CE259, CE283, CE2875, CE291, CE2913, CE292, CE2927, CE2933, CE2974, CE2975, CE2977, CE2979, CE833, CE935, CE937, CE945, CE95, CE957, CE959, CE97, CE979, CK910, CK920, CK940, CK95, CK96, CK98, CK99, EMS2840, ETA2198, GE106, GE107, GE1072, GE108, GE109, GR87, GS109, HQZ285, JET228, JET426, M1090, M155, M187, M1912, M1913, M1914, M192, M1927, M1933, M197, M1974, M1977, M833, M9235, M9236, M9237, M9244, M9245, M9247, M935, M937, M945, M957, M959, M9999, M9A77, M9A88, M9B245, M9G34, M9G35, M9G36, M9G37, M9G44, M9G45, M9G47, M9G77, M9G88, M9GF35, M9GF37, M9GF45, M9GF47, M9GR35, M9GR37, M9GR45, M9GR47, M9GT35, M9GT37, M9GT45, M9Q345, M9Q35, MC1002, MC1015, MC28H5013, MC28H5015, MC28H5025, MC28H5125, MC28H5135, MC28M6055, MC28M6075, MC6566, MD800SC, ME0113M, ME102, ME1060, ME109FI, ME1260, ME1280, ME27, ME5490, ME96, META1198, MGB28, MG28F301, MG28F303, MG28F304, MG28H3125, MG5396, MG6320, MG945, MGR87, MGX47, MGXR45, MMV1153, MO1450, MR1031, MR1032, MR1033, MR1034, MR1050, MR5371, MR5471, MR5481, MR5482, MR5483, MR5491, MR5492, MR5493, MR87, MR89, MS1040, MS1070, MS109, MS1240, MS1270, MS28F301, MS28F303, MS28H5125, MS28J5255, MS5748, MS5796,  MSJ5215, MT1044, MT1055, MT1066, MT1088, MT1199, MW101, MW102, MW1020, MW1030, MW1040, MW1060, MW1080, MW109, MW1135, MW1150, MW1180, MW1230, MW1245, MW1255, MW1263, MW1280, MW1550, MW5330, MW5350, MW5351, MW5360, MW5370, MW5380, MW5381,MW5430, MW5470, MW5480, MW5482, MW5490, MW5491, MW5552, MW5741,  MX335, MX345, MX35, MXG45.
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