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HG For smelly dishwashers 500 ml [HG.63050106]

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HG For smelly dishwashers 500 ml [HG.63050106]

HG for smelly dishwashers [63050106]

Dishwashers do not always smell terribly fresh and at times they simply stink. This is caused by grease, food and soap deposits in the drains, on the filters and on the rubber seals. HG for smelly dishwashers removes those deposits effectively and produces a dishwasher that smells wonderfully fresh again for a long period of time. Using this product also improves hygiene and produces cleaner dishes. Because of its unique formula this product can be used in a full or an empty dishwasher. 

How to use HG for smelly dishwashers.

For the best results we recommend using this product in an empty dishwasher. Use in an empty dishwasher:Add 4 caps (40 gram) of powder to the detergent tray. Let the empty dishwasher run through a normal cycle (approximately 50°C). Recommended frequency 1 x every 2 weeks. Use in a full dishwasher:Add 4 caps (40 gram) of powder to the detergent tray and put the detergent tablet in the cutlery tray or basket. Then let the dishwasher complete a normal programme (approximately 50°C). Recommended frequency once a week.