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HG Freezer de-icer 500ml spray [HG.711577091484]

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HG Freezer de-icer 500ml spray [HG.711577091484]

HG Freezer de-icer 500 ml [711577091484]

HG freezer de-icer removes ice simply and extremely quickly from a freezer or freezer compartment, ensuring your frozen food does not defrost. Increasing ice layers increase energy consumption, as the motor has to work harder. Regular use of this product limits ice formation to a minimum, producing costs savings due to a lower energy consumption. It also improves the lifespan of your freezer. We recommend HG hygienic fridge cleaner for cleaning your fridge.

How to use HG freezer de-icer.

Empty the deep freezer first and remove as much loose ice as possible. Spray the ice evenly and liberally with HG freezer de-icer. Leave to work for a few minutes and remove the loose ice. After removing the ice, clean the walls of the freezer. Now the freezer can be used again.