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HG Powerful UPVC cleaner 750 ml [HG.507050106]

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HG Powerful UPVC cleaner 750 ml [HG.507050106]

HG Powerful UPVC cleaner 750 ml [507050106]

HG UPVC powerful cleaner is developed specially to clean all kinds of synthetic plastic frames for windows, doors etc. It is formulated so as not to damage or degrade the UPVC materials. Quickly removes any nicotine stains, deposits left by rain and other forms of dirt leaving all your UPVC looking as good as new. This cleaning spray is bio-degradable.

How to use the HG UPVC cleaner.

Turn the nozzle to either the stream or spray position, spray the surface to be cleaned and wipe down with a cloth and rinse. For heavily soiled UPVC leave for a few minutes before wiping and washing, for the really stubborn dirt deposits apply a second time.