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HG Scale away 3 x stronger 500 ml [HG.605050106]

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HG Scale away 3 x stronger 500 ml [HG.605050106]

HG triple strength Scale Away 500 ml [605050106]
HG scale away foam spray triple strength removes stubborn limescale thoroughly, easily and quickly and leaves nothing other than a brilliant shine. It is suitable for removing stubborn limescale, which produces a dull film, from tiles, shower cubicles, plastic bath tubs, washbasins, taps, shower heads and worktops. This product produces a full foam that guarantees a longer active time without affecting chrome, glaze or grout. 

How to use HG 3 x stronger scale away spray.
Spray HG scale away foam spray 3 x stronger on the surface that needs treatment and leave it to work for maximum 5 minutes. Rinse off or wipe up with a damp cloth.