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How to replace the microwave oven lamp (bulb)

How to replace the microwave lamp (bulb)

Note: In the interest of safety, please make sure your appliance is unplugged from the mains and that the area you are working in is safe. Also, please note the case has sharp edges, so be careful!

What's my model number?
This can be found by opening the door and viewing the information sticker located on the left hand side of the control panel. Alternatively your model number may be located on the back of the oven.

Removal process for old Microwaves

The older models had a flap on the left hand side of the case. You simply unscrew this and remove the flap. Replace the bulb and then replace the flap and tighten the screw up.

Removal process for newer Microwaves
Firstly, turn the machine around and you'll notice screws all round the case, remove these. There may be some screws on the side of the case, remove these to.
Pull the case towards you and remove. Depending on your model your lamp may be clearly visible on the left or right hand side. Many new models the bulb is hidden. To find this either look for the base of the bulb or turn the microwave so its facing you, now look directly behind the control panel it will be there. 
Remove the screw holding the lamp in/lift up the metal tabs holding the lamp in.
Remove the connector on the bulb
Pull out the lamp.
(Some models you must replace the lamp/bulb as they come as a complete unit, others you can unscrew the bulb from the holder)

microwave cabinet off

changing microwave oven bulb

Once you have removed the lamp you can see what design it is and then find a replacement. We have them listed in our shop either by design type or under the relevent make and model.

Fitting your new Lamp
Place the new lamp in the hole
Refit the scew/push down the metal tabs
Re-attach the power connector
Replace the case You will need to slide the top in place, then the left hand side, then the right hand side. Replace all the screws and test your handy work out!
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Hey, this is very nice and informative article and please keeps posting an amazing article like this and thanks for sharing with us but I have a question related to the microwave protection. Is eating food cooked in a microwave oven harmful?
Posted By: best pressure cooker - 13 Sep 2017 8:25
Our micro wave does not work The bulb is broken could this. Stop the machine from working?

Posted By: Gormer - 3 May 2019 15:10

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