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High voltage capacitor 1.00 mfd 2500 v for Panasonic microwave ovens [PAN.COM.A63903330GP]

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High voltage Capacitor 1.00 microfarad 2500 volts AC for Panasonic commercial microwave ovens. 

Part number: A63903330GP.

Specifications for the Panasonic high voltage capacitor:
1.00 microfarad (1.00μf) high voltage capacitor,
Maximum working voltage 2,500 volts 50/60 Hz AC,
This is an oil filled high voltage capacitor, and contains no PCB's.
Internal discharge resistor = 10 Megohms.

Suitable for:

Panasonic NE-1843 (NE1843) commercial microwave ovens,
Panasonic NE-1853 (NE1853) commercial microwave ovens,

Panasonic NE-1846 (NE1846) commercial microwave ovens,
Panasonic NE-1856 (NE1856) commercial microwave ovens,
Panasonic NE-2640 (NE2640) commercial microwave ovens,
Panasonic NE-3240 (NE3240) commercial microwave ovens,
Panasonic NE-3280 (NE3280) commercial microwave ovens.