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Indesit hob function selector switch

(Code: CON.4627266500-D7)

Indesit hob function selector switch

Part number 46.27266.500


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 Indesit hob function selector switch 

Part number 

  1. K300EX/G, K301E.CX/G, K301EX/G, K30EW/G, K31E.CW/G, K31EW/G,K3C36(X)/G, K3C8V.A/G, K3C8V.BA/G, K3C8V.BX/G, K3C8VW/G, K3C8VX/G, K3E1(W)/G,K3E11(X)/G, K600V(W)/G, K601V.CW/G, K601VW/G, K6C32(W)/G, K6C32(X)/G,K6C320(W)/G, K6C320(X)/G, K6C8P(A)/G, K6E32(W)/G, K6E32(X)/G, KC3043BG/E,KC3043WG/E, KC3402WG/E, KD3C1(W)/G, KD3C11(X)/G, KD3C1EW, KD3CEW, KD3E1(W)/G,KD3E11(X)/G, KD3E1EW, KD6C0EW, KD6C7EM, KD6C7EW, KD6C7EX, KD6C8EW, KD6C8EX,KG3044BE/G, KG3044BE/G/1, KG3044WE/G, KG3044WE/G/1, KP100CX.