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Is your microwave clock using more energy?

Does my microwave oven use more electricity powering the clock than it does cooking ?

We were recently asked this question by a customer and was surprised because it sounded so unreasonable. I thought I would check online and put the above question into google and low and behold there is an article explaining just that. That a microwave uses more energy powering the clock than it does when cooking and then it goes on to explain that a microwave when plugged in is on standby like a television set waiting for you to use the touch panel.
All of that, the entire article is complete rubbish.
The microwave clock draws so little power that it is almost impossible to measure even here in our workshop. It is only drawing a measurable amount when the oven is cooking. That is confirmed by the specification/ rating plate on the rear of the microwave. 
The idea that a microwave is ‘on standby’ waiting for an input is equally ridiculous. Older televisions would be using a small amount of energy looking out for a signal from the remote control. They have improved and now use extraordinarily little, but a microwave is completely different. The control is not remote, nothing happens on a microwave unless you press a button or turn a dial. It does not have a standby function, so it uses no extra electricity while it is waiting for your input.
In these times where energy prices are going up it is crazy that someone should produce such an incorrect article.
Just to recap, the clock on your microwave draws a negligible amount of electricity and unfortunately unplugging your microwave between uses will not see your electricity bill plummet.
If however, you do choose to unplug or switch off your microwave between uses, that will not have a detrimental effect to the microwave either. In our experience some brands such as Panasonic require the clock to be set (it does not matter what time it is set to) before you can enter a cook time. Not a big issue but may mean a few more button presses before you get cooking.
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