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Kitchenwareonline now SSL secure

We are pleased to announce that we now have an SSL certificate for Kitchenwareonline.com.

Although we already have a huge amount of security in place provided by Actinic who built and host our website, we have added to your peace of mind by adding an SSL certificate.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This ensures that the link between your browser and our website on Actinics server is a secure connection, that the link between our information on the site and any information you see or enter is not compromised.

This is qualified when you visit our site by the annotation at the start of the address bar in green with a green padlock. Google is helping its customers (anyone who browses using google chrome) by showing whether a site is secure by showing this information at the start of every web address. - You can see this above now. Experts think that up to two thirds of websites currently do not have this SSL and therefore potentially not be as secure as they could be.

This is not quite the same as the certificates that websites show, that they are secure for taking payments. We have chosen not to try and invest in making the site secure enough to take payments. This is hugely complicated and expensive. Instead we use a payment gateway. This means that when you are ready to commit to make a payment for an order on our website you will be redirected to an extremely secure site (or payment gateway). In our case we use Sagepay. Sagepay in turn run all of the security checks and process your payment for us. They in turn pass you back to our shop and behind the scenes tell us that they have received your payment on our behalf and to go ahead and process your order. When you choose your payment method you can choose Sagepay or Paypal who of course have their own security methods, but again, process payments for us.

For us this is great because we don't have to worry about any of your payment details and the security aspect of storing those. We have nothing to do with your payment details, they are all dealt with by the payment gateway who in turn go to great lengths to keep your details secure.

We hope this brief explanation offers further confidence for our customers. We will continue to take advice from Actinic and from Google on the best way to offer the best service for all of our customers.

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