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Samsung DE6612SD Roadmate Magnetron OM52S(32)ESMI

Samsung commercial
(Code: SAM.OM52S(32)ESMI)

Samsung OM52S(32) ESMI

Magnetron for Samsung Roadmate 24 volt microwave ovens.

Samsung DE6612, DE-6612, DE6612SD, DE-6612SD, DE-6612-SD, DE6612-SD
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OM52S(32) ESMI magnetron for Samsung Roadmate microwave ovens. 
Magnetron for Samsung Roadmate 24 volt microwave ovens

Suitable for:

Please note. These are genuine parts supplied directly from Samsung UK. However, the ovens haven't been manufactured for many years and some of the magnetrons we receive are dated 2018 and show some signs of storage, i.e - rust in some cases. We regularly fit them here in our workshop and have no issues with performance or quality but some do look a little 'jaded'. Please be assured that they are new and are serviceable, they just don't look it some cases.