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Nut and raisin dispenser for Panasonic Breadmaker [PAN.BRE.ADA44E165-H0]

£ 12.99
Due in from manufacturer, usually within 4 - 6 days
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Nut and raisin dispenser for Panasonic Breadmaker  [PAN.BRE.ADA44E165-H0]

Nut and raisin dispenser for Panasonic breadmaker ovens.

Genuine Panasonic replacement part
Nut and raisin dispenser assembly with release mechanism, which fits in the lid of the Panasonic breadmaker.

Part number: ADA44E165-H0

Suitable for:

Panasonic SD-2501  (SD2501) breadmaker oven,
Panasonic SD-2511 (SD2511)  breadmaker oven,
Panasonic SD-ZB2502 (SDZB2502)  breadmaker oven,
Panasonic SD-ZB2511  (SDZB2511) breadmaker oven,
Panasonic SD-ZB2512  (SDZB2512) breadmaker oven.
Panasonic SD-ZX2522  (SDZX2522) breadmaker oven.
Customer reviews
The dispenser arrived in record time.
Elizabeth Valwfie Addison.
Excellent manufacturer'sreplacement part for my Panasonic breadmaker.
Sandra Woodruff W.
This dispenser tends to break after a few months, even if not used. This is the fault of Panasonic and not Kitchenwareonline. It's a pity because the bread maker is otherwise excellent.
John H.
Much cheaper than buying a new breadmaker. shame that the plastic drop switch mechanism is not a little more robust.
Sharon W.
Charlotte J.
Genuine product good value compared to other sites.
Barry P.
Item delivered quickly and fits perfectly into my bread maker.
Abigail F.
This does what it is supposed to. It has a design weakness in that the plastic latch that secures the flap snaps in half after a couple of hundred uses. The piece that snaps off ends up in the loaf. According to web forums I am not the only user to have experienced this. I expect to replace this part regularly unless Panasonic start making the latch of a more suitable material.
Barry H.
It is what it is, it does what it is supposed to. 5 stars for that!
Pat B.
This spare was exactly what I needed to repair my bread maker. It was an official spare, however slightly annoying that Panasonic do not replace the small broken plastic lever on the release mechanism with something more durable.
Guy L.