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Hoover vacuum cleaner dustbags - Pack of 5 [CON.BAG9]

(Code: 3102)
£ 6.89
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Pack of five H10  dustbags for Hoover vacuum cleaners.

Part number: 

Manufacturers names and numbers are used for reference only. This is a pattern part not the manufacturers genuine part.

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Suitable for the following Hoover models: 

1000, 1000SE, 1100SE, 1100E, 1150CTE, 1800,

S3192, S3194, S3196, S3198, S3200, S3224,
S3258, S3260, S3262, S3278, S3280, S3296,
S3372, S3374, S3382, S3396, S3398, S3400,
S3402, S3404,  S3422, S3424, S3458, S3460.
S3462, S3464, S3496, S3498, S3600, S3706,
S3708, S3710, S3712, S3742, S4386,

SC078, SC114, SC116,SC118, SC144,