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Pack of two Sharp waveguide covers [MSC.PCOVPA308WRE1]

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Pack of two Sharp waveguide covers [MSC.PCOVPA308WRE1]

Sharp mica waveguide covers for microwave ovens. 

Part number: PCOVPA308WRE1 - Pattern part Supplied as a pack of two.

Mica waveguide cover for Sharp microwave ovens.

Suitable for:
Sharp R-795WM, R-793INM, R-774WM, R-772WM, R-772GM, R-771WM, R-360AGM, R-360ABM, R-345AWM, R-345SLM, R-353WM, R-353GM, R-352WM, R-345WM, R-345SLM, R-343WM, R-343SLM, R-343GM, R-341WM, R-341GM, R-88BKM, R-85STM, R-84STM, R-83STM, R-82STM, R-33STM, R-32STM, R-86STM, R-86STMA, R-789SLM, R-979SLM, R-979WM, R-890SLM, R-362WM, R-899SLM, R-899WHM, R-771KM, R-771GM, R-770AWM, R-898WM, R-898SLM, R-891WM, R-891KM, R-885M, R-884M, R-874SLM, R-872WM, R-872SLMR-871BM, R-871WM, R-871SLM, R-870AWM, R-870ABM, R-798WM, R-875WM, R-875SLM, R-874WM, R-770AKM, R-770AGM, R-770ABM, R-765SLM, R-761WM, R-761BM, R-785SLM, R-754WM, R-754SLM, R-753WM, R-752GM, R-752WM, R-750AWM, R-750ABM, R-743WM, R-743GM, R-741WM, R-743WM, R-362SLM, R-362GM, R-360AWM

Sharp R795WM, R793INM, R774WM, R772WM, R772GM, R771WM, R360AGM, R360ABM, R345AWM, R345SLM, R353WM, R353GM, R352WM, R345WM, R345SLM, R343WM, R343SLM, R343GM, R341WM, R341GM, R88BKM, R85STM, R84STM, R83STM, R82STM, R33STM, R32STM, R86STM, R86STMA, R789SLM, R979SLM, R979WM, R890SLM, R362WM, R899SLM, R899WHM, R771KM, R771GM, R770AWM, R898WM, R898SLM, R891WM, R891KM, R885M, R884M, R874SLM, R872WM, R872SLM, R871BM, R871WM, R871SLM, R870AWM, R870ABM, R798WM, R875WM, R875SLM, R874WM, R770AKM, R770AGM, R770ABM, R765SLM, R761WM, R761BM, R785SLM, R754WM, R754SLM, R753WM, R752GM, R752WM, R750AWM, R750ABM, R743WM, R743GM, R741WM, R743WM, R362SLM, R362GM, R360AWM
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It was exactlly what I needed.
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Good fit.
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