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Sharp Microwave Waveguide Cover (Pack of 2)

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Sharp mica waveguide covers for microwave ovens. 

Part number: PCOVPA308WRE1 - Pattern part Supplied as a pack of two.

Mica waveguide cover for Sharp microwave ovens.
If your microwave is arcing or sparking during cooking, it may be that the waveguide cover is damaged. This metallic type material, which is a blend of mica and is invisible to microwaves, it covers the aperture that the microwaves pass through to get into the oven cavity. When old damp or contaminated can react to microwaves by arcing.  
  1. R-795WM, R-793INM, R-774WM, R-772WM, R-772GM, R-771WM, R-360AGM, R-360ABM, R-345AWM, R-345SLM, R-353WM, R-353GM, R-352WM, R-345WM, R-345SLM, R-343WM, R-343SLM, R-343GM, R-341WM, R-341GM, R-354, R-383, R-88BKM, R-85STM, R-84STM, R-83STM, R-82STM, R-33STM, R-32STM, R-86STM, R-86STMA, R-789SLM, R-979SLM, R-979WM, R-890SLM, R-362WM, R-899SLM, R-899WHM, R-895, R-771KM, R-771GM, R-770AWM, R-898WM, R-898SLM, R-891WM, R-891KM, R-885M, R-884M, R-874SLM, R-872WM, R-872SLMR-871BM, R-871WM, R-871SLM, R-870AWM, R-870ABM, R-879, R-798WM, R-875WM, R-875SLM, R-874WM, R-770AKM, R-770AGM, R-770ABM, R-765SLM, R-761WM, R-761BM, R-785SLM, R-757, R-754WM, R-754SLM, R-753WM, R-752GM, R-752WM, R-750AWM, R-750ABM, R-743WM, R-743GM, R-741WM, R-743WM, R-734, R-362SLM, R-362GM, R-360AWM

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Wendy T.
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First Class.
Brian S.
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Just what the microwave needed!
John H.
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It was exactlly what I needed.
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Good fit.
Douglas l.