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Pack of two waveguide covers [PAN.MWO.Z20556W50XP]

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Pack of two waveguide covers [PAN.MWO.Z20556W50XP]
Pack of two waveguide covers for Panasonic microwave ovens.

Part number:


Suitable for:

NN-CT559W, NN-CT569M, NN-CT579S, NN-A574SF, NN-A554WF, NN-A524MF, NN-CT562M, NN-CT552W, NN-CT585S, NN-CT565M, NN-CT555W. NNCT559W, NNCT569M, NNCT579S, NNA574SF, NNA554WF, NNA524MF, NNCT562M, NNCT552W, NNCT585S, NNCT565M, NNCT555W