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Pack of two waveguide covers for Panasonic microwave ovens

Panasonic microwave
(Code: PAN.E20554L00GS)
Pack of two waveguide covers [PAN.MWO.E20554L00GS]

Suitable for Panasonic NN-T571SB, NN-T559WB & NN-T259WB
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Pack of two waveguide covers for Panasonic microwave ovens.

Part Number : E20554L00GS

Dimensions :  105 mm x  72 mm.
  1. NN-T571SB, NN-T559WB, NN-T259WB, NN-T221WB, NN-T220MB, NN-GT576SB, NN-F623MB, NN-CT776SB, NN-CT756WB, NN-T523MB, NN-V653WB, NN-V651CB, NN-V629MB, NN-T573SB, NN-A774SB, NN-A772SB, NN-A773SB, NN-A755WB, NN-A754WB, NN-A753WB, NN-A752WB, NN-A750WB & NN-V663WB, NN-V659CB, NN-T589WB, NN-A752MB, NN-A724MB, NN-A723MB, NN-A720MB, NN-A714AB, NN-A713AB, NN-A574SB, NN-A554WB, NN-A514AB, NN-CD757WB, NN-CD767MB, NN-V651WB, NN-V652WB, NN-T551WB, NN-V659FB, NN-V659WB, NN-V689WB, NN-V672SB,NN-V681WB, NN-V682WB, NN-V671SB, NN-T551CB, NN-V670SB, NN-V621MB, NN-V359WB, NN-T591WB, NN-A775S, NN-A725M, NN-A755W, NN-A714WB, NN-A774WB, NN-A724WB,