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Pack of two waveguide covers [MSC.PAN.E20559000BP]

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Pack of two waveguide covers [MSC.PAN.E20559000BP]

Pack of two waveguide covers for Panasonic microwave ovens.

Part number: E20559000BP

Suitable for:

Panasonic NN-C877C, NN-K354B, NN-C827MB, NN-A883WB, NN-A880WB, NN-A873SB, NN-A872SB, NN-A850WB, NN-A813AB, NN-A811AB, NN-CT857WB, NN-CT867MB, NN-CT890SB, NN-CT880MB, NN-C897WB, NN-C897CB, NN-C877WB, NN-C850CB, NN-CT878SB, NNC877C, NNK354B, NNC827MB, NNA883WB, NNA880WB, NNA873SB, NNA872SB, NNA850WB, NNA813AB, NNA811AB, NNCT857WB, NNCT867MB, NNCT890SB, NNCT880MB, NNC897WB, NNC897CB, NNC877WB, NNC850CB, NNCT878SB


Pack of two waveguide covers for Panasonic microwave ovens.
Customer reviews
This must have saved me a fortune. At first I thought I would have to get an engineer to look at the microwave, but then discovered that I could buy this simple cover from Kitchenwareonline and fit it myself. It was so simple and took about a minute. The hardest part was undoing the screw that holds it on! Brilliant.
Hetty G.