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Inverter for Panasonic microwave ovens

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Panasonic microwave
(Code: PAN.M3FFZZ000BP)
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Inverter for Panasonic microwave ovens.

Part Number : M3FFZZ000BP, Z606YM300BP and ASW.2883744
  1. NN-CF750W, NN-CT559W, NN-CT569M, NN-CT579S, NN-A554W, NN-CF760M, NN-GD459W, NN-GD469M, NN-GD559W, NN-GD569M, NN-GT469M, NN-SD258W, NN-SD259W,  NN-SD268M, NN-SD269M, NN-SD278S, NN-SD279S, NN-SD440W, NN-SD450W, NN-SD460M, NN-ST450W, NN-ST460M, NN-ST477S, NN-A524MF, NN-ST479S, NN-CT878S, NN-A554WF, NN-A574SF, 
Inverters for microwave ovens up to 27L cavity capacity. 
Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Unfortunately due to lack of test facilities I didn't diagnose the original fault correctly so I can't comment on the performance/reliability of the inverter as the appliance still shows the original fault. As the inverter was a good price it was worth trying and I certainly expect the part was fully functional.
Phil R.
Shopping Satisfaction
Item as described and at a good price.
Carlos R.