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Pizza Pan Handle

Panasonic microwave
(Code: PAN.MWO.Z10855R00BP)
Pizza Pan Handle

Part number:

[PAN.MWO.Z10855R00BP] was E10859040BP

Suitable for:

Panasonic NN-GD559WB Microwave oven
Panasonic NN-GD569MB Microwave oven
Panasonic NN-SD440WB Microwave oven
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Pizza Pan Handle for Panasonic pana crunch pan

Part number: Z10855R00BP was E10859040BP

Replacement moulded ABS heat resistant plastic handle for the Panasonic Pana-Cruch Pizza Pan.

Dimensions: Handle length 175mm, Pan holder width 100mm.

  1. Panasonic NN-GD559WB, NN-GD569MB, NN-SD440WB, NN-SD450WB, NN-SD460MB, NN-GD376SB, NN-CD767MB, NN-CD757WB, NN-GD351WB, NN-GD361MB, NN-GD371MB, NN-GD469MB, NN-GD550WB, NN-GD560MB, NN-GT460MB.