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Plastic roller ring (210mm) for Panasonic microwave ovens - Discontinued

Panasonic microwave
(Code: PAN.E290D4N30BP)
Plastic Roller Ring

Part number:


Suitable for:

Panasonic NN-V659FB Microwave oven
Panasonic NN-V659WB Microwave oven
Panasonic NN-T571SB Microwave oven


Diameter 210 mm

Wheel diameter 16 mm
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Plastic Roller Ring for Panasonic microwave oven

Part number: E290D4N30BP
Sorry. This part is now discontinued by Panasonic.

Dimensions: Diameter 210 mm, Wheel diameter 16 mm
  1. NN-V659FB, NN-V659WB, NN-T571SB, NN-V689WB, NN-V682WB, NN-V681WB, NN-A514AB, NN-ST446WB, NN-SD466MB, NN-V673SB, NN-V652WB, NN-V651WB, NN-GT576SB, NN-Q558, NN-H5430, NN-H5470, NN-H5632, NN-H5642, NN-V671SB, NN-V659CB, NN-V653WB, NN-V653CB, NN-V651CB, NN-V629MB, NN-V622MB, NN-V621MB, NN-T570SB, NN-GD566MB, NN-GD546WB, NN-F623MB, NN-A772SB, NN-A723MB, NN-A722MB, NN-A713AB, NN-A712AB, NN-T551WB, NN-T573SB, NN-T551CB, NN-A524MB, NN-A554WB, NN-A574SB, NN-A770SB, NN-A750WB, NN-A720MB, NN-A753WB, NN-A773SB