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Right hand door hinge assembly for Neff ovens

(Code: CON.BSH260798-D)

Right hand door hinge assembly for Neff ovens

Part number 260798


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Right hand door hinge assembly for Neff ovens

Part number 260798
  1. B1310N2GB/01, B1320N0GB/01, B1320N2GB/01, B1420B0GB/01,B1420W0GB/05, B1421B0GB/01, B1421N0GB/01, B1421N0GB/06, B1421N1GB/07,B1421N2GB/01, B1421N2GB/05, B1421S2GB/02, B1428C0GB/01, B1430B0GB/02,B1430B0GB/05, B1430C0GB/02, B1430K0GB/03, B1430N0GB/01, B1430N0GB/02,B1432N0GB/01, B1432N0GB/06, B1432N1GB/07, B1432N2GB/01, B1432W0GB/01,B1438K0GB/02, B1441B0GB/05, B1441W0GB/01, B1441W0GB/05, B1542B0GB/01,B1542N0GB/01, B1542S0GB/01, B1561N0/04, B1561N0GB/01, B1561N0GB/04,B1583N0GB/01, B1593N0GB/02, B1593N0GB/07, D8901N0GB/01, D9910N0GB/02,H7860N1GB/01, S4453N0GB/11, S5443X1GB/13, T2113N2EU/02, T2124N0EU/01,T2333N0EU/02, T2766N1/01, U1320W0GB/01, U1410B0GB/01, U1410W0GB/06,U1420B0GB/01, U1420N0GB/01, U1420W0GB/05, U1421B0GB/01, U1421B2GB/01,U1421N0GB/01, U1421N0GB/06, U1421N1GB/07, U1421N2GB/01, U1421W0GB/01,U1428K0GB/01, U1442N0GB/03, U1451N0GB/05, U1451S0GB/05, U1451W0GB/05,U1452N0GB/01, U1452N1GB/01, U1452N2GB/07, U1452N3GB/01, U1551B0GB/01,U1551N0GB/01, U1552N0GB/01, U1722N0GB/03.