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Sharp R-957SL Ceramic Turntable Coupling

(Code: ASW.2533954)
Ceramic turntable coupling (drive shaft)

Suitable for:

Sharp combination microwave ovens.

(Alternative part number is NCPL-A006URE0)

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Ceramic turntable coupling (drive shaft) NCPL-A040WRE2 or NCPL-A006URE0
  1. R-957SL, R-963SL, R-963W, R-953SL, R-953W, R-962B, R-962W, R-961B, R-961W, R-952SL, R-952W, R-951K, R-951W, R-950AK, R-950AW, R-959SLMAA, R-971WW, R-971STW, R-971INW, R-98ST, R-96ST, R-95ST, R-941WW, R-941STW, R-941INW, R-941BKW. R-931INW, R-931BKW