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Sharp R-979WM Microwave Quartz Grill Tube

(Code: ASW.2535603-D10)
Sharp grill heater tube

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Suitable for:

Sharp R-874SLM Microwave oven
Sharp R-874WM Microwave oven
Sharp R-891KM Microwave oven
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Sharp quartz grill heater tube

Part number: 2535603, RHET-A255WRE0, RHET-A255WRZ1

  1. R-874SLM, R-874WM, R-891KM, R-890SLM, R-891WM, R-88BKM, R-979SLM, R-979WM, R-872WM, R-84STM, R-874SLM, R-874WM, R-891KM,
The microwave grill heater is an element inside a quartz tube which offers a grilling function in a microwave grill oven. The microwave quartz grill tube is a tubular heater in the top of a microwave/grill oven.

240 Volt AC,  quartz grill tube

Dimensions: Overall length 355 mm
Overall diameter 12mm

(You may need 2 tubes for your oven - supplied singly)