Low Power White Microwave Oven drawing only 780 watts - Outputs 500 watts microwave power

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White Low Wattage, Low Power - 500 watt Microwave - Drivemate

This low power microwave oven is suitable for use on campsites and caravan site using the electric hookup, and is ideal for use in trucks and welfare vehicles using a suitable inverter.
This is an ideal microwave to use as a caravan microwave as it draws less power than most microwaves.
This ovens is specially converted in our workshop to reduce the cooking power to 500 watts output. 
When in use this oven will draw a maximum of 800 watts from your power supply.
This enables it to run from a 4 amp supply without causing any problems. They also incorporate a 'soft start' circuit which prevents the start up surge which often causes the inverter to trip.

If you intend to run your microwave from a 12 or 24 volt inverter we recommend that you use a 1500 watt inverter although we have found that this will run from a good quality 1000 watt output inverter.

Compact construction with a white enamel finish casing and a white enamel interior.

Needs a 240 volts AC, 5 amp supply, will plug directly into the 240 volt supply using the fitted 3-pin plug (supplied fitted).

500 Watts Drivemate Oven Dimensions

Exterior maximum size:
Width 440 mm. 
Height 255 mm.
Depth 340 mm. 

Cooking area (cavity) size:
Width 306 mm. 
Height 206 mm. 
Depth 304 mm.

Only weighs 11 Kg.

Category: Low Wattage Microwaves - 240 Volts

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