Spare parts for Kenwood Chef and Major food mixers

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Showing 1 - 24 of 29 products
Kenwood KMix Flexi creamer - creaming beater
Kenwood Chef Aluminium K-beater
Kenwood Kenwood Chef Aluminium K-beater
Sale price£20.15
In stock
Kenwood Major stainless steel 9 wire whisk
Kenwood Fan Oven Element 2500W - ELE9369
White cover for Kenwood Chef - Discontinued
Kenwood KMX50-KMX60  Splashguard
Kenwood Kenwood KMX50-KMX60 Splashguard
Sale price£19.53
In stock
Kenwood Classic & Premier models Splashguard
Kenwood KMX750 Splashguard
Kenwood Kenwood KMX750 Splashguard
Sale price£11.57
In stock
Kenwood KMix Whisk
Kenwood Kenwood KMix Whisk
Sale price£33.63
In stock
Kenwood KMix Spanner
Kenwood Kenwood KMix Spanner
Sale price£8.39
In stock
Kenwood KMix K-beater
Kenwood Kenwood KMix K-beater
Sale price£24.26
In stock
Kenwood KMix Dough Tool
Kenwood Kenwood KMix Dough Tool
Sale price£22.76
In stock
Kenwood KMix (except 750 series) Stainless mixing bowl
Kenwood Chef Stainless steel K-beater
Kenwood Chef stainless steel dough hook
Kenwood Chef stainless steel 6 wire whisk
Kenwood Chef Flexi creamer - creaming beater AT501
Kenwood Chef aluminium dough hook
Kenwood Kenwood Chef aluminium dough hook
Sale price£20.03
In stock
Kenwood Chef (Titanium models) Splashguard
Kenwood Spatula Set
Kenwood Kenwood Spatula Set
Sale price£12.73
In stock
Pulley for Kenwood BM260
Kitchenware Online Pulley for Kenwood BM260
Sale price£19.73
In stock
Measuring Spoon and cup for Kenwood BM260
Kneading Blade for Kenwood BM260
Kneading Kneading Blade for Kenwood BM260
Sale price£6.59
In stock
Drive belt for Kenwood BM260

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