Kenwood Classic & Premier models Splashguard

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Kenwood Chef (Titanium models) Splashguard

  • Prevents flour from clouding, especially when mixing large quantities
  • Clear / Transparent to see into bowl

  • Keeps bowl dust free when not in use

  • Wide feed tube for adding ingredients during mixing

  • Light weight, but strong.

  1. KM330, KM331, KM335, KM336, KM337, KM340, KM346, KM353, KMKM357, KMC500, KMC505, KMC510, KMC515, KMC550, KMC556, KMC560, KMC562, KMC570, KMC571, KMC572, KMC577, KM630, KM631, KM635, KM636, KMC640, KMC646, KMM700, KMM710, KMM715, KMM750, KMM760, KMM770, KMM777.

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