Daewoo KOM9M11, Daewoo KOM9M11, Daewoo KOM9P11S ceramic shelf (base plate)

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Ceramic shelf Assembly for Daewoo KOM9M11/KOM9M11S/KOM9P11 commercial microwave ovens.

Part number 3517213100.
Usually made of ceramic, the base plate or shelf sits in the bottom of a commercial microwave. The oven tray or assembly tray is sometimes called the ceramic shelf and is usually supplied with the seal already fitted.
Dimensions:   mm by   mm supplied with fitted silicone rubber seals (no extra sealant required)
  1. Daewoo KOM9M11 commercial microwave ovens, 
    Daewoo KOM9M11S commercial microwave ovens,
    Daewoo KOM9P11 commercial microwave ovens.

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