Panasonic microwave door hooks (door latch)

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Panasonic microwave door hooks (latch

Part number Z30185Q00AP
The plastic door hooks are spring loaded and lock the microwave oven door closed. Usually supplied as one piece with both upper and lower door latches, they are fitted in the door and operate the latch switches inside the microwave. The door hooks lock the door in the closed position and the oven will not operate if either of them are broken.

  1. NN-SD440WB, NN-GD566MB, NN-GD566W, NN-GD546WB, NN-SD446W, NN-SD466MB, NN-SD456W, NN-CT562MB, NN-CT552WB, NN-SD450WB, NN-SD460MB, NN-ST450W, NN-ST460W, NN-ST479SB, NN-CT579SB, NN-CT569MF, NN-CT559WF, NN-GD550WB, NN-GD560MB, NN-GD550WB, NN-GD560MB, NN-GT460MB, NN-CT585S, NN-CT565M, NN-CT555W, NN-CD58JS, NN-CT57JM, NN-CT56JB, NN-CT54JW, NN-CT55JW, NN-CT585S, NN-CT565M, NN-CT555W, NN-ST479S, NN-T545WS.

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