Panasonic upright vacuum cleaner dust bags (pack of 5) - BAG60

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Pack of 5 dustbags suitable for Panasonic upright vacuum cleaners.

These are pattern parts as the original AMC-B1EP dustbags are no longer available from Panasonic.

Panasonic vacuum cleaner bag type U-20E.

Suitable for the following models : 

MC-E41 (MCE41), MC-E42 (MCE42), MC-E43 (MCE43), MC-E44 (MCE44), MC-E45 (MCE45), MC-E46 (MCE46),
MC-E450 (MCE450), MC-E451 (MCE451), MC-E452 (MCE452), MC-E455 (MCE455), MC-E456 (MCE456), 
MC-E457 (MCE457), MC-E458 (MCE458), MC-E459 (MCE459), MC-E460 (MCE460), MC-E461 (MCE461),
MC-E463 (MCE463), MC-E464 (MCE464), MC-E465 (MCE465), MC-E468 (MCE468), MC-E469 (MCE469),
MC-E480 (MCE480), MC-E481 (MCE481), MC-E540 (MCE540), MC-E553 (MCE553), MC-E554 (MCE554),
MC-E553 (MCE553), MC-E555 (MCE555), MC-E560 (MCE560), MC-E561 (MCE561), MC-E562 (MCE562), 
MC-E563 (MCE563), MC-E564 (MCE564), MC-E566 (MCE566), MC-E567 (MCE567), MC-E569 (MCE569),
MC-E581 (MCE581), MC-E582 (MCE582), MC-E583 (MCE583), MC-E3001 (MCE3001), MC-E3002 (MCE3002), 
MC-E3003 (MCE3003), MC-E3011 (MCE3011), MC-UG302 (MCUG302), MC-UG304 (MCUG304, 
MC-UG342 (MCUG342), MC-UG344 (MCUG344), MC-UG522 (MCUG522)

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