Whirlpool hob function selector switch - 4627266500

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Whirlpool hob function selector switch 

Part number 46.27266.500, CON.SWT9347

Suitable for the following Whirlpool models :
AMB590, AMB590DT/H, AMB590, AMB590DT/V, AMB590, AMB590DT-H, AMB590, AMB590DT-V, AMB590, AMB590G/DT L WP, AMB590,  AMB590G/DT V WP,  AMB590G/L WP, AMB590G/L WP-GB,  AMB590G/R WP,  AMB590G/R WP-GB,  AMB590R/N, AMB590R-N, AMB590WP/L-GB, AMB590WP/R-GB, AMB590/G/DT, AMB590G/DT H WP, AMB590/G/DT, AMB590G/DT R WP,  AMB 591/1/G/DT-H,  AMB591/1/G/DT-V, AMB591/G/DT-H,  AMB591/G/DT-V, AMB591/G/L, AMB591/G/R, AMB590H, AMB590G/R, AMB590G/R WP, AMB590V, AMB590G/L, AMB590G/L WP,  ART303/3/G-L, ART303/3/G-R, ART303/4/G-L, ART303/4/G-R,  ART303/G-L, ART303/G-R,  ART304/G/DT-H, ART304/G/DT-V, ART306/3-L, ART306/3-R, ART306-L, ART306-R, ART308/3/DT-H, ART308/3/DT-V, ART308/DT-H, ART308/DT-V, ART 315/L, ART315/L MINOR, ART 315/L MINOR, ART315/L/ A+,  ART315/R, ART315/R MINOR, ART315/R MINOR, ART315/R/ A+, ART316/DT/H MINOR, ART316/DT-H,  ART316/DT-H/A+,  ART316/DT-V, ART316/DT-V/A+,  ART316/DT-V/MINOR,  MK1013,  MK1013 Z/V-S, MKR105 E.

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