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We can supply a wide range of microwave oven spares. Both domestic microwave spares, and commercial microwave spares are available.
Some of the spares we can supply:
Turntable motors
HV Capacitors
Glass turntable trays
Ceramic shleves
HV fuses.

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We sell a wide range of household cleaning and hygene products made by HG Products.
These include items such as
Microwave oven cleaning spray.
Barbecue cleaner
Oven cleaner
Mould prevention sprays
Cleaners for bathrooms
Wooden floor polishes.
Drain cleaners
Drain unblockers.
Chewing gum remover
Leather and fabric cleaner.

Small 500 watt microwave ovens for use in a mobile home or caravan.
We supply 500 watt ovens that run from a 220/240 volt AC suppply, but only draw 5 amps from the source, this prevents those embarassing moments when you have to ask the site owner to reset the trip switch (many site only allow 6 amps, and most modern microwaves draw about 8 to 9 amps).
Available in white or silver.
You can order your low power microwave oven now...

We supply a wide range of spares for Panasonic breadmaker ovens. These are genuine Panasonic breadmaker spares.
The following Panasonic breadmaker spares are readily available:
Kneading blade
Drive belt
Mounting shaft
Instruction books
Measuring spoons and cups.

We stock a wide range of microwave oven cookware.
Some of our most popular items for microwave cookery include:
Microwave casserole dishes
Microwave rice cookers
Microwave steamers
Microwave egg poachers
Microwave plate covers
Microwave plate stackers.