Belling hob function selector switch - 4627266500

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 Belling hob function selector switch 

Part number 46.27266.500, CON.SWT9347

Suitable for the following Belling models :

125BU, 125GR,125WH,136AL,150CA,150CH,150GR,150ST, 300WH, 301GR,301WH, 301SBU, 301SGR, 301SWH, 302WH, 303WH, 308BU, 308GR, 313GR, 313WH, 314BU,314GR, 315BU, 315GR, 315SA, 315WH, 316GR, 316WH, 317AN, 317WH, 317AN, 317GR,317SI, 317WH, 327GR, 327WH, 329GR, 329MK2GR, 329MK2WH, 329WH, 331GR, 331WH,332GR, 332WH, 333MK2GR, 333MK2WH, 334AN, 334SI, 334WH, 335AN, 335SI, 335WH, 336,342GR, 342WH, 355WH, 371GR, 371WH, 427WH, 611BL, 611GR, 611WH, 612BL, 612WH,623BL, 623GR, 623IV, 623WH, 629SS, 630AL, 630SS, 644BL, 644GR, 644SI, 644WH,645CR, 646HSI, 646HWH, 647AL, 647ST, 648HMBL, 648HMBU, 648HMSI ,648HMWH, 652BL,652SI, 652WH, 653HBL, 653HWH, 657HST, 661BL, 661GR, 661WH.

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