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1500 watt, 24 Volt Power Inverter

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Sunshine solar
(Code: SS.VM1500)

1500 watt, 24 Volt Power Inverter (SS.VM1500) 
£ 203.56

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1500 watt, 24 Volt Power Inverter (SS.VM1500)

Single AC Outlet
Single USB charging socket
Over temperature protection >75 degrees
Low Battery voltage alarm <21 Volts
Low Battery voltage shutdown <20 Volts
High battery voltage shutdown >30 Volts
Overload, short circuit and polarity reverse protection


1500 Watts modified sine wave power inverter

Continuous output power 1500 watts

Surge power 3000 watts

Input Voltage 24 Volts DC, Output voltage 230 Volts AC

Frequency 50 Hz
Weight 5 kg
Dimensions (max) 305 mm L x 225 mm W x 90 mm H

This inverter is ideal for applications such as Lorries and Trucks. It can be wired into the vehicle cab and will run a low power microwave such as our 500 watt microwave which plugs directly into the front panel.

Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Iím very happy with this new inverter I do feel though that you should be selling a stronger inverter in the first place with your microwave to save on the expense of having to buy a second inverter a year or so down the line when the first one packs up because itís not quite up to the job of running the microwave that you sell with it.
Karl Frost.
Thank you for your comments. We actually haven't had any other reports of the 1000 watt inverters failing although of course, they may well have. We have re tested the setup and it remains within tolerance but will change our listings and offer the larger inverter as an option.