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Gastroback Breadmaker

Gastroback Breadmaker
Last year during the pandemic I sold an incredible amount of bread maker machines and spares and accessories for them. People stuck at home took the opportunity to dig out the machines and get them working. Perhaps like me usually only using it over the Christmas period but being locked down with nothing much else to do it was a good time to experiment.
Although Panasonic is the market leader in bread machines, we have been using for over 10 years a LG model that I took home to try to see how it compared to Panasonic. Up until recently it behaved well although I only used it for a week over the Christmas period when I had family staying with us.
I was almost waiting for an excuse to upgrade and after several failed loaves in a row so I decided to try the Gastroback version. 
Called the Gastroback ’Design’ bread maker, the machine looks well-made. Gastroback is a German company who are producing an increasing number of small home appliances some of which I will stock and sell on Kitchenwareonline.com.
The machine will make up to a 1Kg loaf which is quite big. It is possible with some attachments to also make ice cream, yoghurt, and jam. 
The machine has an easy to read and understand blue LCD display which includes a timer so that you can set the machine to finish its magic and wake you up with that tantalizing fresh baked bread smell in the morning. 

Although I do make bread using separate ingredients, I do buy the supermarket's own bread mix for ease. All you need is to add the contents to the pan with some water and switch the bread maker on.
So far, I have done this twice and the results have been perfect. There is even a setting to increase the crustiness at the press of a button, that too worked a treat. The machine is bigger on the inside but takes up the same space in the cupboard at home as the old LG but so far has not had a chance to get put away. I totally recommend the Gastroback Design bread maker and have it in stock ready for dispatch. 

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How to change a microwave oven lamp

How to change a microwave oven lamp 

Note: In the interest of safety, please make sure your appliance is unplugged from the mains and that the area you are working in is safe. Also, please note the case has sharp edges, so be careful!

You will need a replacement lamp for your microwave. You can either order it by the make and model of your oven. click here to see if we do a specific lamp for your make

Or click here to browse the different types of lamp available

Before you start you need to know your model number

Click here to find out where to find your model number

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The science behind browning dishes

The science behind browning dishes
A browning dish or crisping plate is a neat gadget that is used in a microwave oven to brown the food.
Because microwave ovens don’t produce actual heat like a conventional oven, although the food will come out cooked it may still look a little pale.

Foods such as burgers, steaks, fish, and chicken immediately spring to mind as foods we expect to see nicely browned. They will cook perfectly in a microwave but will lack that darkened finish. To save using a conventional oven or grill to finish them off a browning dish could be the answer. Of course, if you have microwave / grill or convection oven that will have the browning facility built in. You can follow the manufacturer's instructions for your microwave oven.

What is a browning dish? A browning dish is designed to absorb some of the microwaves so that the dish itself gets hot. It is that heat in the dish that colours the meat in the same way as it would get coloured in a pan on the hob or in the oven. Early browning dishes were made of a heavy ceramic such as the corning ware range but today most dishes are made of metal. Don’t panic, by design they are microwave safe (if you do not place it too close to the sides of the microwave). The general principle is that you place the dish in the centre of the oven empty and following the instructions carefully microwave the dish. A ferrite ‘pad’ on the base of the dish absorbs the microwaves and transfers them to the dish making it hot. Then you place the food in the dish with perhaps a little oil depending on taste and the recipe (to stop it sticking). Microwave it again as per the instructions and this time some microwaves will cook the food, but most will keep getting absorbed and keep the pan hot which will give a great coloured and crispy finish. 

Because of the potential issue with having metal in a microwave oven it is important to follow the instructions supplied with your dish. Don’t forget also that the dish will be extremely hot, the same as a pan on the hob, so you will need oven gloves.
We have tried with great success the kitchen Craft micro grill and found it to be an excellent product. It is dishwasher safe and comes with adequate instructions. Like any cooking we would recommend that you take care and experiment with the microwave and dish. Keep an eye as you are cooking and adjust the times according to taste. Cook for a lesser time and then cook a little longer if needed rather than overcooking food in the first attempt by leaving it in the microwave too long. 
The Kitchen Craft micro grill is available here and is in stock ready for immediate dispatch.
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Clearing "filt" messages from Samsung commercial microwave oven displays.

Filter reset instructions for Samsung and Buffalo commercial microwave ovens.

When "Filt” shows in the display it does not indicate a fault. It is just a preprogrammed reminder to clean the air filter located underneath the oven door.
The filter should be removed and cleaned in warm soapy water or in a dishwasher, dried and then refitted.
The oven needs to be ‘told’ that the filter has been cleaned and the reminder reset using the following procedure.
Press and hold the programme lock button (the small circle below the P key) and pad number 3 together.
After 2-3 seconds the number of hours for the timed reminder is displayed.
Enter the number of hours you want before the next reminder.
Press and hold the program lock and pad number three together again until the oven bleeps once.
Press the cancel button to clear the hours message from the display.
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Coronavirus update - Lockdown 2

Having worked really hard through the first lockdown we are pleased to be able to be here during lockdown 2 to service our orders. To date we are not experiencing any problems from our suppliers so are just able to keep up with orders.
Again, thank you for your support. Keep safe during lockdown 2 and keep ordering !
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Corona virus update 19th April

Thank you for your orders. Who could have anticipated our busiest week ever ! Returning from a short weekend in Lockdown to 147 orders last Tuesday. As a comparison we would usually expect about 25 orders over a weekend maybe double that over a long weekend. Of course most of the country are at home, on their computers from what weve seen - buying parts to get bread machines and microwave ovens working. 
The good news is that apart from one or two items, companies we deal with such as Panasonic and Samsung are keeping up with our demand for spare parts and accessories. 
We are able to work within government guidelines and are still just about keeping up with a skeleton staff. Most orders are still being processed in a timely manner. We dont see the postman every day but usually see a courier. All of them are reporting a massive upsurge in deliveries, much busier than any Christmas so far. 
We aim to continue through the lockdown extension servicing orders as we receive them. We hope to do so whilst keeping safe and healthy and hope all our customers do also. 

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