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Are you having issues with your oven?

Are you having issues with your oven?

There are several issues that can arise with your oven!
For the following fixes, you will need the oven manual to see where in your oven the elements will be placed.

  • The first thing we should suggest, is ensuring your clock is set to the right time. It may seem like this would not cause any issues, I mean it is a clock after all, but it can in fact stop the whole oven working. 
  • The next thing to check would be the thermostat, with the make and model of your oven you can find the correct oven thermostat for you on www.kitchenwareonline.shop 
  • The thermal cut-out can cause the oven to turn off if it overheats, with the make and model of your oven you can find the correct oven thermostat for you on www.kitchnewareonline.shop to check the thermal cut-out (make sure the oven is turned off): 
    • Begin by identifying where the electricity enters and exits
    • Use a multimeter, switch to a low resistance setting 
    • Measure the connections, they should be the same resistance if the two-meter probes were touching
    • If the reading is different, the thermal cut-out has failed
  • Again, making sure the oven is turned off, the thermal block can become loose, so check the link and connector, there can also be charring which means that it needs replacing, you can find the correct oven terminal block for you on www.kitchenwareonline.shop 
  • Lastly, the heating element we sell a range of heating elements on both our websites www.kitchenwareonline.com and www.kitchenwareonline.shop, if the following coincides with the symptoms of your oven you can almost guarantee that the heating element is faulty; oven clock is working and set to manual, light on the front remains on until it reaches required temperature, the oven fan is working as normal.
    • Similar to the above about checking the thermal cut-out, find the two connections
    • Multimeter on low resistance setting, measure the reading should typically be a resistance between 20 and 100 ohms
    • If there is no connection your oven element will need to be replaced
    If none of these have fixed your oven we would suggest finding a local engineer.


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