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Corporate social responsibility
Like many businesses both large and small, we are endeavouring to be more socially and ecologically responsible, so in early 2012 we became corporate supporters of the Kent Wildlife Trust. The Kent Wildlife Trust is a registered charity which cares for some 60 nature reserves throughout Kent.

Re-using waste packing materials and boxes.
In order to do our very best to preserve the environment we have taken several steps to save energy and expense.
We do our best to recycle as much packaging material as possible. 
Almost all of our packaging for larger parcels is re-used packaging that our suppliers have used to send orders to us, such as cardboard and bio-degradable plastics.
We also recycle any of our left over packaging using a national waste disposal and re-cycling company.
Whist we appreciate our parcels aren't always the most exiting things to arrive at your house you can be reassured that we are doing our best to help preserve our wildlife and countryside.

Using less energy and fuel.
Within our business we have an ongoing process of using more efficient methods of working and replacing items with energy saving alternatives where possible, including lighting, heating systems and even the kettle, which works quite hard at times.
We  have recently upgraded to a more efficient office printer for producing invoices which uses less toner and prints both sides whenever possible.
Our new printer is an energy efficient model which "goes to sleep" when idle to save energy. 

Using less paper.
We all know that we need to help stop destruction of the worlds forests and tropical rain forests so we are trying to save paper whenever possible.
We no longer use a fax machine and send documents whenever possible by email.
We have successfully established a system whereby our copy invoices are saved electronically, rather than as a paper copy which saves a huge amount of paper and space. 
We are working on the feasibility of producing invoices for customers on demand rather than as a matter of course.
We re use paperwork, or old invoices as notepaper whenever possible (as long as they don't hold any confidential information).
We shred old paper work and use it for packaging material whenever possible.