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Sharp Microwave Turntable Motor 240V

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(Code: ASW.2535831)
240 volt Sharp turntable motor.


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ASW.2535831 240 volt AC turntable motor for Sharp microwave ovens.

The microwave turntable motor is a synchronous motor so the turntable can turn is either direction. The microwave turntable motor uses a built in gearbox to drive the turntable tray via the microwave turntable coupling.
Shaft length = 10 mm
Instead of the usual "D" shaped shaft, this motor has a rectangular shaft with slightly rounded ends.
Voltage = 240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
Power consumption = 3 watts
Max rotation speed (approx) = 2-3 RPM

The ASW.2535831 is  similar to the following Sharp parts : RMOTDA255WRZZ, RMOTDA267WRZ1, 


  1. Suitable for Sharp : R-979WM, R-890SLM, R-825STM, R-963WM, R-963SLM, R-962WM, R-879, R-875WM, R-875SLM, R-874WM R-874SLM, R-872WM, R-872SLM, R-871WM, R-871SLM, R-871BM, R-798SLM, R-795SWM, R-792INM, R-774WM, R-772WM, R-772GM, R-771WM, R-771KM, R-771GM, R-770AKM, R-770AGM, R-770AWM, R-765SLM, R-761WM, R-761BM, R-758SLM, R-757SLM, R-754WM, R-83STM, R-967WM, R-967INM, R-754SLM, R-753WM, R-752WM, R-752GM, R-750AWM, R-750ABM,  R-741WM, R-734WM, R-671BM, R-362WM, R-362SLM, R-362GM, R-360AWM, R-360AGM, R-360ABM, R-354WM, R-354SLM, R-354WM,  R-353GM, R-352WM, R-352GM, R-345WM, R-3455LM, R-343WM, R-343SLM, R-343GM, R-341WM, R-341GM, R-98STM, R-96STM, R-959SLM, R-958SLM, R-957WM, R-95STM, R-88BKM, R-85STM, R-84STM, R-33STM, R-32STM, R-86STM, R-86STMA, R-979SLM, R-957SLM, R-953WM, R-953SLM, R-952WM, R-952SLM, R-951WM, R-951KM, R-950AWM, R-950AKM, R-899WHM, R-899SLM, R-898WM, R-898SLM, R-895SLM, R-892WM, R-891KM, R-885M, R884M, R-870AWM, R-870ABM, R-798WM.

  1. R979WM, R890SLM, R825STM, R963WM, R963SLM, R962WM, R875WM, R875SLM, R874WM R874SLM, R872WM, R872SLM, R871WM, R871SLM, R871BM, R798SLM, R795SWM, R792INM, R774WM, R772WM, R772GM, R771WM, R771KM, R771GM, R770AKM, R770AGM, R770AWM, R765SLM, R761WM, R761BM, R758SLM, R757SLM, R754WM, R83STM, R967WM, R967INM, R754SLM, R753WM, R752WM, R752GM, R750AWM, R750ABM,  R741WM, R734WM, R671BM, R362WM, R362SLM, R362GM, R360AWM, R360AGM, R360ABM, R354WM, R354SLM, R354WM,  R353GM, R352WM, R352GM, R345WM, R3455LM, R343WM, R343SLM, R343GM, R341WM, R341GM, R98STM, R96STM, R959SLM, R958SLM, R957WM, R95STM, R88BKM, R85STM, R84STM, R33STM, R32STM, R86STM, R86STMA, R979SLM, R957SLM, R953WM, R953SLM, R952WM, R952SLM, R951WM, R951KM, R950AWM, R950AKM, R-899WHM, R899SLM, R898WM, R898SLM, R895SLM, R892WM, R891KM, R885M, R884M, R870AWM, R870ABM, R798WM.

  1. AEG MC-C4060, MCC4060.

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Thank you for your excellent service when I rendered a spare for my ancient microwave. Goods arrived very quickly and the price was incredibly reasonable. I was able to resorect an article which would otherwise have had to go to the dump after many years of good service. The motto is why trash when you can repair and help save our planet.
James L.
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As expected.
Magnus L.