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Caple Electric Fan Oven Element 2500W -[CON.ELE9369] D8

(Code: 3019D8)
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Caple electric oven element.

Part number ELE9369,

3 turn element
Power = 2500 watts
Voltage = 240 volts AC
Element height = 220 mm
Element width = 195 mm
Distance between tag centres = 25 mm

Manufacturers names and numbers are used for reference only. This is a pattern part not the manufacturers genuine part.

Price listed includes FREE economy mainland UK delivery direct from our distributor. Please select at checkout stage.

Suitable for the following Caple models:

C1003SS, C200F/B, C200F/BLU, C200F/GRN, C200F/W,
C201F/B, C201F/W, C202, C205F/SS, C206M/SS,
C210F, C210F/A, C210F/BLU, C210F/GRN, C210F/W,
C211F/GRN, C211F/W, C220F/W, C220F/B, C220F/W,
C221F, C221F/B, C221F/SS, C221F/W, C222BK, C222W,
C223F/SS, C224SS, C230MM,C300F/B,C300F/W,C301F/B,
C301F/W, C302BK, C302W, C305F/SS,C305M/SS, C308 1SS,
C308/1SS, C308SS, C501, C501/GRN, C502, C502M/SS, C5210
C5210/01, C5220-1, C903SS, CR1002SS, CR1100, CR100-1, CR1200,
CR1200/1, CR1200-1, CR901SS, CR901SS2, CR901SS-2,CR903SS,CR9100
CR9100/1, CR9105, CR9200, CR9201AA, CR9201AN, CR9201SS, CR9220
CR9220/1, CR9220-1